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The Mummy VA Myth

Here is a guest post from  Caroline Wylie, founder, Society of Virtual Assistants (SVA) all about the Mummy VA Myth. If you’ve ever considered being a VA here is a great list to get you started; Top 10 Tips for Becoming a VA Latest SVA survey crushes ‘mummy’ VA stereotype To be a successful VA Continue Reading…

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Bring The Happy in Brighton!

I’m all about being ‘Happy’ and this week I was contacted by the lovely Scar de Courcier. Scar works with the Brighton Festival and got in touch to share about an exciting art project called “Bring The Happy” and I just had to share :0) Bring the Happy will be in ONCA gallery from the 10th-19th of Continue Reading…

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Just Lucky? I think not.

Have you ever noticed that some people have all the good fortune? Amazing opportunities just keep appearing for them. And then there are those who just seem plagued with bad luck and nothing ever goes right for them. Is it just luck or is there something more to it? I’ve been studying the Law of Continue Reading…

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Live Your Impeccable Life

I’m all about leading by example, it’s the most effective way to teach children. “Do as I say, not as I do” is never going to cut it, because we live and learn in pictures. So if your kids see you exercising regularly that’s what they’ll learn, if you’re sat on the sofa saying “why Continue Reading…

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