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Most of our fears and insecurities are as a direct result of our feelings of worthiness. Not going for promotion because we’re not sure if we’re qualified or experienced enough. Not asking someone out on a date in case we’re not good looking or witty enough. Not smart enough, not thin enough, not young enough, […]


The Yes-No Paradox

What do I mean by that? Well many of us at some point in our life will experience the feeling of being stuck, of ‘settling’ for the life we have, rather than striving for the life we desire. As children we have fantastic dreams of being an astronaut, Prime Minister, a ballerina or in my […]

Interview With Heather Bestell

Monday Mumpreneur with Emily Thorpe


Emily’s thoughts on being AUTHENTIC!

Written for Voice At The Table by Emily Thorpe LinkedIn In the last few months I have traded my cute cream Fiat 500 for a monster of a car; a bright orange London Taxi. I have also left my job of 23 years as an Air Traffic Controller to pursue my passion for being a […]


Changing Career? Here’s How To Make It A Smooth Transition

Written for Sherry Bevan, The Confident Mother by Emily Thorpe Hello, my name is Emily Thorpe, I’m a mum of 2 boys and I’ve been an Air Traffic Controller for 23 years and on 23 September 2015 I gave up my ATC career for good to become a full-time coach and speaker. I know […]


Having it all, is it a myth?

Is it really possible or is it in the same realm as rainbow unicorns Written for We Are The City by Emily Thorpe I truly believe we can have it all, but the question we have to ask is what does ‘all’ look like for us? Because our ‘all’ is as unique as we […]