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Bring The Happy in Brighton!

I’m all about being ‘Happy’ and this week I was contacted by the lovely Scar de Courcier.

Scar works with the Brighton Festival and got in touch to share about an exciting art project called “Bring The Happy” and I just had to share :0)

Bring the Happy will be in ONCA gallery from the 10th-19th of May. It encourages people to share their moments of happiness in Brighton and around the UK.
An interactive map will be available for people to plot their own happy memories on a map of Sussex.

On the 23rd, the happy memories will be collated and used to create a theatre piece called  Bring the Happy Live, a show built entirely around the personal experiences of the people who have interacted with the map.


So if you’ve got any happy memories to share, maybe a first kiss or having an ice-cream walking along the pier, feel free to jump in and add your moment to this piece of art.
You can find more details about this and all the other shows here:

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