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    Hey there lovely,

    Let me share a joke with you…

    When I was pregnant I thought I would be like Mary Poppins when I became a mum, or Maria from The Sound of Music!! Lot’s of singing and laughing and happy, well-behaved children having fun!

    I know, it’s hysterical right?

    I soon discovered that my reality as a mum was a gazillion miles from that image I’d had in my head. I was knackered beyond belief – sleep deprivation IS a form of torture. But not only that I was overwhelmed with guilt.

    • I felt guilty about going back to work (wouldn’t a ‘good mum’ look after her baby herself?)
    • I felt guilty when I bought the odd jar of baby food (shouldn’t I be pureeing organic carrots and putting it in ice-cube trays?)
    • I felt guilty about using disposable nappies (I was creating a landfill that would last 300 years!)

    I literally found a million ways to put myself down, for not being the perfect mum.

    So if you feel stressed or tired, guilty or overwhelmed, or you feel disappointed that you’ve become a ‘shouty’ mum instead of Mary Poppins…don’t panic because

    I’ve been there too

    But thankfully it is all behind me now. Not because my kids have grown up and left home but because I have learned the ways and means to be relaxed, calm and happy and still get everything done.

    I have learned how to maximise my time and systemise my life, so that I have time to spend with the kids when I am truly ‘present’ (not planning what we’re having for dinner or my next blog)

    I have learned how to change my thoughts and ideas about motherhood so that I am a fabulous mummy nearly every day. I no longer beat myself up. I no longer feel guilty. And I rarely shout any more (I’d love to say never, but they can still push my buttons occasionally!)

    I’m happier, my kids are happier, even my husband is happier.

    I get everything done, I feel on top of it all and I’m enjoying being a mum, spending time with my family and making scrummy memories.

    And you can have it all too.

    I would love to help you on this journey to being the mum you dreamed you would be.

    I have lots of juicy goodies to get you started.

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    If you want more, check out the products page for my book, CD and other ways to work with me.

    It really doesn’t have to be hard.

    I can remember back in 2010 thinking that my 2 boys were growing up so fast and before I knew it they’d be leaving home.

    I didn’t want their overriding childhood memory to be of a stressy shouty mum.

    That was not the real me.

    I had to change. I had to get as close as I could to my Mary Poppins dream and thankfully I have.

    Whatever your version of a dream mum looks like, I can help you make the change, so you and your whole family can enjoy the real you.

    Emily xx


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